• “Everything was great - even down to delivery of the products, pretty much next day! Doesn't get better than that 🙂 The educator was also super responsive and helpful, looking forward to continuing to practice and complete my final assessment. Highly recommend the online training with Nail Harmony Australia”.

    Rebecca G
  • “I did Polygel live online training and I recommend! The educator was extremely helpful, knowledgable and thorough during the course and covered everything I needed to know”.

    Penny C
  • “I learnt about Gelish Soft Gel Tips 101 via pre-recorded online training, I am very confident in providing this service, I made mistakes and the educator came back to me very quickly and gave me feedback, help and tips to improve so I could learn and correct my errors.”

    Angel T
  • “Was very happy with my Gelish Soft Gel Tip online training, I think everything was very clear and professional”

    Catherine M
  • “I wouldn’t change the content, Gelish soft gel tips training was really good and clear. I had question so emailed my trainer and she got back to me with correct information answering my questions fully. I think it is great offering a pre recorded training option with so much detail”.

    Rachel S
  • “I did Gelish Dip 101 pre recorded online training it was really well delivered, I am very confident in now using this product and I love Gelish products”.

    Cony B
  • “I have enjoyed everything with the Gelish Dip 101 online course, so easy to follow and thorough too!”

    Monique D
  • “I did Gelish soak off Gel Polish 1010 and Gelish were so quick to respond to questions, very helpful, I enjoyed this very much video was detailed not rushed, like other things I have done online, yes still need practice but the feedback I got from my educator will help a lot”.

    Tara L



At Nail Harmony Australia, as nail professionals ourselves, we understand the professional nail industry’s needs and wants, which is why quality has, and will always be our number one priority. Our unprecedented education program is one of our most important initiatives.
We support the personal development and growth of every nail technician from beginner to advanced levels. Our success is measured by your success. We are committed to you, the nail technician.


As proud leaders in our industry’s innovation, we understand that we need never to stop learning, evolving, and keeping our passion alive – this is the core of our education program.  You cannot keep up with evolutions unless you are aware of them.  Awareness comes with education.  You know why being educated is extremely important?  Because for you to be happy, you need to feel good and confident from within.  It is extremely important to be up to date with knowledge within our industry. Education helps us broaden that spectrum of knowledge.  Education is a must for a promising future.  Education is the key success.  Education gives you confidence.

All of our education team have regular and ongoing training to ensure our  quality and maintain our high standard of support to you.


Our key focus at Nail Harmony Australia is to provide a full and comprehensive training program in each individual system of the Nail Harmony range of products. Our Educators provide you with the skills and techniques needed for you to master the application of the Harmony systems, but also knowledge about the products themselves, the science and chemistry behind them and more. It is not possible to successfully learn and understand the art and skill of nails by providing an all in one course short course, there is too much involved.

Our education program has been designed into individual systems to ensure you gain the most out of the training to suit your training requirements and master the system’s skills and techniques.

We offer courses in many different learning formats due to Australia’s vast country and busy life/work schedules. All of Nail Harmony Australia’s courses, no matter the format is extremely in-depth and interactive and will leave you feeling confident in your newfound skill and knowledge.

We offer training in all Harmony systems, 101 and Advanced classes, where you will receive an in-depth student handbook and a certificate upon completing the course. We promise all our students ongoing support; it does not end after you finish your class; it is just the beginning!




Our entry-level training will give you the foundation knowledge and skill into each system. We advise basic manicure/pedicure qualification (proof is required). The 101 course requires students to complete written assessments and provide examples of their work to complete the course and gain certification.


After completing the initial 101 programs for that system, you may want to advance your skills and techniques further to get more from the system. This is your chance to advance your skillset and stand out. Examples of work required to complete and gain certification.


We offer all our classes in these three formats

Live Online

Join one of our Australian based Nail Harmony Educators via Zoom for a highly interactive and informative course; it is like being at in-person training but in the comfort of your own home/salon. If you want to communicate in real-time with your educator, but cannot physically attend in-person training, this is the option for you.

Pre-Recorded Online

Join one of our Australian based Nail Harmony Master Educators with this in-depth and high quality pre-recorded online courses, allowing you to watch over and over again within a 2-week period at any time and your convenience, in the comfort of your own home/salon.

In Person

Join us for an in-person live class either with one of our wholesale partners or Educator’s available Australia wide. Please speak to your local Gelish Wholesaler about up and coming classes with them or contact us directly at [email protected]


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